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Infogroup is a provider of marketing services for salespeople, marketers, and professionals.

An employee in the support department says, "Where do I start [with Infogroup]? While merging two companies together, they can't figure out which way is up. Don't bother suggesting new ideas. They like things the old way. New name coming soon? Don't let that fool you. It's the same old company with a bunch of people who will stab you in the back to get themselves promoted. They won't work with you on your development. They would rather have ”yes men” than thinkers. Insurance sucks. They have recently let go of amazing people to replace them with old ones who can't think for themselves. And they are incompetent. Even if they are wrong, they won't admit it. Run fast and far."


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Current Employee - Senior Business Analyst says

"On a weekly meeting with my manager starting my first day, I was constantly reminded that the reason I was dealing with not getting work was because my h1b process took time. They had not gotten the position approved for months before hiring me"

Former Employee - Marketing says

"No annual reviews, no bonuses, no pay increases. Management is borderline abusive with no repercussions and does nothing to help their subordinates develop or grow their careers."

Current Employee - Support says

"Where do I start? While merging two companies together, they can't figure out which way is up. Don't bother suggesting new ideas. They like things the old way. New name coming soon? Don't let that fool you. It's the same old company with a bunch of people who will stab you in the back to get themselves promoted. They won't work with you on your development. They would rather have ”yes men” than thinkers. Insurance sucks. They have recently let go of amazing people to replace them with old ones who can't think for themselves. And they are incompetent. Even if they are wrong, they won't admit it. Run fast and far."

Current Employee - Account Executive says

"everything else is not good"

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Absolutely everything else. This company is made up of high school bullies that then became adult bullies. If you don't know someone or someone isn't giving you a book of business you are not going to make any money."


"Constantly feel like you have to work against the system and find backdoors to get resources or funding. Very few processes, which leads to subjectively determining which projects are funded. Long term strategy is unclear. Don't expect to be rewarded for hard work. Raises and bonuses are practically non-existent. Often, projects pushed by executive leadership are poorly formulated, leading to your efforts falling flat because the project was ill-conceived to begin with. The attitude within the company is to do things "the way we have always been doing them" and not to innovate. True concern for the customer is lacking. Instead, there is mostly a concern for selling. Management is out of touch with the workforce. Teams are often dysfunctional, but there is rarely a desire to discuss the true reasons, such as inadequate skill set and leadership."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-no equality for employees -no raises -very rude HR department"

Former Employee - Systems Analyst says

"Have a CEO that doesn't believe in cost of living raises. No pay raises in some cases 5+ years. Little help on projects on some teams. Work 60hrs in a week, paid for 40. Some management would rather do anything but help you. They are above you. If you would like a job where you have to work the weekend, sometimes go home crying, minimal training and get wrote up for something you haven't been trained to do, and not have a raise in most cases 3-8 years then this is the job for you."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No yearly reviews or performance reviews, no incentive to work hard No career advancement opportunities Start pay is final pay No accountability between teams or for individual employees (performance reviews) Management doesn't exist Always working on features that the business doesn't even want When good employees leave they are not replaced or are replaced with untrained/inexperienced internal hires"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Lot of micro management, Each business unit has a different culture and rules"

Financial Controller (Former Employee) says

"The amount of hours required by mgmt was way too much. And it was expected, with no appreciation my upper mgmt. I wanted to raise my family and decrease my work hours.Fun coworkersNo appreciation for employees, too many hours worked"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Mornings I would pass homeless people on the city streets and would think "they're probably at least they're going to enjoy their day". They were not lying to anyone or portraying false images of themselves. They would be the most honest people I'd deal with. Day-dreaming, I often found myself wondering our competition would waste time developing new technologies capable of functioning in a contemporary business climate. Isn't that wasting money that could be moved into an area of their business that would display trending upward growth beautifully on a PP slide? Then there were the "partners" we were forced to work with. *shudders* Who were these enigmatic beings? Is their product better than ours? For what other purpose would we pay them to handle tasks on our sell sheets? To be sure, I went to our product offerings and read them again. Yep, we do that! The Yankees wouldn't hire A's to suit up and play their games. Would they?! Certainly the announcer, ticket takers, at least the statisticians would let ticket buyers know. Maybe? Commutes to the office were long, often in harsh midwest climate. (Honestly, the midwest has about 5 random days of pleasant weather a year.) These few hours a week provided a reprieve and I would use that time to indulge in personal interests. Anyway, in WW2 first-wave, un-armed Soviet soldiers were forced to charge German positions acting as bullet fodder so their meagerly-armed brothers-in-arms could follow up and hope to overrun the now ammunition, depleted Germans. About 10MM, give or take a few MM, Soviet soldiers died in that war.They didn't block redditIncompetent management"

BSA (Current Employee) says

"In everyone's career, there are missteps. And for myself, it was InfoGroup Targeting Solutions! The company looked good on paper, and the H/R person made tons of false promises during the interview cycle, but the ownership of failure here falls upon myself for not properly vetting this company before accepting a job here. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID !! I've worked in Corporate High Tech for quite a long time. InfoGroup is without a doubt the worst employer I have ever had the displeasure of working for. Employee benefits are horrible. The company has no real vision or mission statements, nor any real core values. The company actually runs like a poorly devised "start-up." There are no real Corporate policies in place (the lack of a formal Bereavement policy being one of them). Management exercises an aggressive style here, utilizing all of the "no-no" techniques we all know about (intimidation, micro managing, etc.). Taking any time off out of the office is extremely frowned upon. Also, there are real trust issues here. But even worse in the cross-functional communication; there is none! The important day-to-day is mired in silo'd e-mail conversations. The people who "need to know" are never included, which ultimately results in 11th hour fire drills and emergencies. Planning is extremely poor here, and leadership skills are non-existent. There isn't a day that goes by without a hefty dose of panic and mayhem. The chaos seems never ending, which sets the requirement for extremely long work hours (Nights AND weekends are the rule, NOT the exception!!).I get a paycheckHorrible benefits, no merit increases, limited PTO, hostile work environment"

update clerk (Current Employee) says

"the worse job where no one cares about the other and everyone is mean. No communications in any department, working on the same thing other people have already worked on.flex timemicro managed"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"The hardest part of the job is management. They are too afraid to let the technical staff (almost all of whom are very good at what they do) actually make changes to things. Executive management has no goals or planning for where IT should be going; the department's only goal seems to be "Don't screw it up." Execs regularly yell at and publicly berate the employees, often times for being unable to fulfill nonsense technical requests, such as eliminating 100% of all spear-phising emails. Other gems include willingly accepting ridiculous risks, such as hosting file servers in the DMZ for legal documents to be kept on. Mid-level management is too afraid of upper management to push back on bad ideas, which means they listen to complaints from staff but then do nothing about it. This place pays really well because they have a reputation of being a horrible place to work for. The reputation is well-earned. Every good idea you have for an improvement will be shot down while at the same time you will be asked to stand up an "emergency" proxy server because every business unit customer gets their own hardware instead of redesigning a better solution. There are no systems engineers here. Nothing ever gets engineered, they always do what they've always done. It's 2015 and they've JUST NOW decided to start patching their servers, and that's only because customers have been asking very good questions about how their data is kept safe.Great facility. Lunch room caters in real-world restaurants every day.Management is absolutely absurd. Business units control how IT operations gets to do things."

Director Client Services Engineering (Current Employee) says

"Did not feel that company cares for employee growth & welfare. Pay scales way below market. Does not have consistent leadership & directions.good work life balance, flexible work hrs.bad comepensation & benefits."

Client Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Training is on overall processes but once complete there is no one that mentors you on specific client processing and you are overwhelmed with the amount of clients given to you. Poor management in several areas.PtoLots of hours, hard to find time to use PTO as everyone is so busy they aren’t able to cover your work"

Telecom Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Infogroup has little regard for their employees. They will give you more responsibility with not pay increase. At Infogroup. I was responsible for setting up the phones and telecom connections working with carriers to make sure that these new locations were set up properly and work through and problems that might arise.Quite Frankly I see no pros for working at InfogroupThe healthcare benefits were not good, . Because of management the work place was very stressful"

Data Developer (Former Employee) says

"Learned how to convert mainframe jobs into server-based requests. Worked with great people.Hardest part of job was having to test changes made to the system in a production environment to assure changes were applied correctly while still completing client requests on time and accurate, regardless if system changes needed to be fixed during work on the request.The most enjoyable part of the job was the satisfaction of knowing the customer received what they requested on time and accurately.The second most enjoyable part of the job was being able to assist others who did not understand the new system as well as I did, and also to work with peers in order to decide how to complete a job as efficiently as coffeemicro-management"

Director Client Services (Former Employee) says

"Workplace Culture is very hard to come by....if you are close to upper management you don't have to worry about your job, even if you're not meeting the sales numbers."

Research Associate (Former Employee) says

"When asked what they had to offer to retain employees who had been with the company for years, had reached the maximum PTO level available, and hadn't had a raise in years, the CEO scoffed and stated that "they get a paycheck every two weeks." That, in my opinion, says everything necessary about the current state of this company.flexible schedule, decent insurance, casual dresspoor pay/no raises for years, little apparent opportunity for advancement, no management advocacy for employees"

Business Development (Former Employee) says

"I am sure the company overall is decent. I know it is especially in other areas of the company. Turnover is low, that speaks volumes. My situation is very different as my role was a new position in the company and unfortunately there was just no pre-plan for it. My leadership was really unsupportive and resulted from a dated style of people management. I accepted a role, that in the end, was not what it was presented to be when I accepted it (turning down four other good jobs in the process) . The roleI accepted was told to be a field sales position where I was involved with one specific type of product but there would be some cross selling involved - which is typical. What it actually became was old former customer lists and phone calls to them, which was unproductive given the age of the lists and how people move about. Then, metrics of calls per day were established. Between this and being held back from growing a client base the way I would have liked to (I presented a plan to managers, was approved but held back with busy work) made myself and my colleague over time more frustrated. When were were told on day 1 that neither would make plan selling what were had been hired for, I knew that spelled trouble over the long haul! Instead, I went into this role committed to it anyhow. Meeting after meeting and roadblock after roadblock were standard. There was no training or development at all for me because there had been nothing planned before I was hired and the boss needed to pin any blame of the overall failure of the role on someone. Numerous "cart before horse" typeBase Salary, BenefitsUnstructured Position and Finger Pointing Management"

Senior Systems Administration (Former Employee) says

"Was a contractor there. Company seemed unorganized. Job had a lot of moving parts, not sure what the priority was day to day. Great people to work with."

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"The customers where rude that we had to call, the managers did not listen. The only good thing was you got an hour lunch and u could make ur own schedule"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Infogroup has many great employees and products/services; however, the company has just been sold from one private equity firm (CCMP) to another (Court Square). Upper management appears to be looking for their exit packages. Poor morale across most offices."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"In a typical day, I'd work on projects independently and then review with a few others periodically. I learned a little about the field of data management. Some of my co-workers were really great, we'd go out to lunch together. Other co-workers were not pleasant. Managers at Infogroup fell into different "bad boss" groups: either they were angry and vicious, or insecure, or overly controlling and domineering, or just made bad decisions. Some managers literally yelled at subordinates, in front of others or audibly on the phone. There were also a few office "jerks" who were good at their jobs, but they just didn't get along with other people, for one reason or another. I think it was a product of environment and lax rule enforcement, but mostly individual personality. Managers and HR did not enforce the rules when some of my co-workers behaved unprofessionally or inappropriately in our office or in office functions. This would be something like wearing inappropriate clothes, making inappropriate jokes or comments about other people, asking inappropriate questions (like which co-worker is sexiest), sending photos or jokes that would be considered NSFW at most other companies, or screaming at subordinates. Sometimes it was managers themselves making the comments or the jokes. The work I did was great, but it was a difficult environment to be in; I feel like I'm still recovering. There were definitely a few managers that seemed to be really nice to work for and genuinely seemed like nice people. I always looked forward to working with them, but unfortunately I didn'tengaging projects, in-office partiesVery dysfunctional office environment"

Sr. Systems (Current Employee) says

"Lots of chances to learn new technologies. Demanding work load, with not a lot of concern by upper management for what you are doing or your time outside of care is not the best, tough work\life balance"

Corporate Controller (Former Employee) says

"There was no work/life balance at infoGroup. Management changed frequently so there was not a feeling of job security. With management changing, there was never a sense of organization within the work/life balance, no job security"

Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was a quite political environment, not collaborative at all. People do work based on whether they know you or not, and whether it will be seen by top executives. The pace is very slow, and it's hard to get anything done without sufficient visibility in the headquarter in Omaha."

Corporate Accountant (Former Employee) says

"With constant turnover, they are understaffed at all times, so it makes your job secure...I guess.Benefits are horrible, I can get insurance for cheaper and better on my own.My co-workers are great, but they are always stressed due to a lack of communication by management. Things that seems would be a "no duh" to tell departments, tend to be a last min scramble.Work life balance for me is pretty good, but only because I make it. You have to put boundries on what you are and are not willing to work because they will work you to the bone if you let them.i get a paycheckhuge turnover"

Our Local Brand SURREY BC says

"I have been waiting 2 weeks to get help log back into myy account , I paid for a citation blast and can not access my online account, I receive e mail after e mail after e mail after email every day asking me top leave a review with smiley face Each time I send an e mail I get 3 replies from bright local Customer service is poor and I am a customer for 3 years So if your reading this bright local Please contact me so I can log into my account Your virtual staff cant assist me."

Jobin John says

"I bought the citation building service from Brightlocal and found it to be really disappointing, the citations were done incorrectly where I had to constantly correct the people, then I started getting calls to sign up for a GMB service to boost local map rank. I mean this was a total waste of time and money."

Chad T says

"Hired them to create business listings for my business and they did a very poor job. Paid for 12 and got 3. The others were marked as existing listings. Brightlocal doesn't even do the work, the farm it out to the Philipines, of course, none of this is explained before you purchase."

Ward Blackwell says

"Been with them for a few years now. Out of no where I get an email stating they're raising their rate 40%. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just double our income by raising our clients rate out of the blue."

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